An Inquiry into Computer Technology – Windows 7 VS Windows 10

September 30, 2015

34Microsoft made a big splash with the launch of Windows 10 in July 2015. For most of the computer users, switching to the new Operating System is no brainer, while for many others, it is a close call. But if you have not decided if your business is ready to make a shift, let us closely compare Window 7 with Window 10 to help you determine which one is better, faster and stronger.
At the first sight, the start up menu of both the operating systems looks similar. It is situated in its old place in the left corner of the desktop, featuring a Window mark on the button. But where Window 10’s start menu begin to differ is with MS’s inclusion of Metro UI Tiles which were first introduced in Windows 8.
When you click on the Start Menu in the new Window, a group of tiled shortcuts to Metro applications opens to the right of the All Apps. Computer users are given the ability to adjust the size and the content of any of the tiles in the menu. Once you start readjusting the tiles, the start menu automatically re sizes itself according to the adjustments made.
Window 7 start Menu had shortcuts to documents, printer, devices and music but this don’t appear in the new Window 10. Beside this, you can’t add shortcuts to folders in Window 10 even though the option to do so is there.
Just like Window 7, Window 10 start menu will give you a smooth access to My Document but it has omitted the way to Control Panel which the older version includes by default. The computer users have the ability to log off, put their system to sleep or shut down by just clicking the power button which was placed at the bottom of the desktop in Window 7 but in the Window 10, it appears at the top of the menu bar.
The ability to search within start menu makes a come back in the Windows 10. For the beginners, results begin to appear automatically once you type something in the search bar. Windows 7’s start menu has this feature too but it displays only those results that are found directly in the computer system.

Up gradation to Windows 10 is absolutely free. Users with Windows 7 can receive the new operating system absolutely free of cost until July 2016. The support and updates for Windows 10 are also free as long as Microsoft supports the operating system.
Windows 7 is approaching the end of support faster than anybody would like to think. By upgrading to the new operating system, you gain years of extended support and free up gradation. Windows 7 will cease to get mainstream support in January 2020 while Windows 10 will continue to receive free up gradation and technical support as long as Microsoft supports the system. Windows 10 is faster and offer better features to your computer.
The great thing is that the start menu has made a come back but still, it needs quite a lot of polishing before it can dethrone its predecessor and takes over the computer world.

Ways To set PC To The Best Resolution


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Are you experiencing difficulty seeing icons on your desktop? Is your display gritty and you can barely fit a quarter of your word document on your screen? Well, your troubles could be as a result of your screen resolution. By adjusting your screen resolution, you will basically change the size of all elements displayed in it. The tips below pertain to how you can adjust the screen resolution for various types of windows. Read on.

  1. Windows 8

With Windows 8, you can change the screen resolution in the desktop mode or from the start screen.

To change in the desktop mode

To change from the start screen

From the start screen, drag your mouse to the bottom most corner. This will bring up the Charms bar.


  1. Windows 7

To adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7, follow the steps below:


  1. Windows Vista

For windows Vista, here are some of the things you should do to adjust your screen resolution:

A grainy screen resolution should not make you hate computers. You can change it! Follow the above tips for respective windows and be sure to have the best resolution ever.

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